Wow Features

Dowow video conferencing system gives you all the wow features you would expect from a commercial web conferencing system. It includes real-time sharing of audio, video, presentation, and screen – along with collaboration tools such as multi-user whiteboard, shared notes, polling, public/private chat, emoji, and breakout rooms.

Responsive Web App

No Installation Required. Just navigate to personalized room URL to start the meeting. It is compatible with different browsers without worrying with operating system. It works on Android and iOS programs.


Interactive & Productive Presentation

Upload any Adobe PDF, MS Presentation Slides or MS Office Document. Dowow Web App keep on engage each participant with slide, zoom in or out, post comments and mouse pointer activities.

Multi-User Live Streaming

Multiple cameras aired in a single live session. There are no restrictions on number of web camera in live session. Participants can enable as many cameras as bandwidth permits.


Record Live Session

Record live session or meeting with single click. These recordings will be available in your home room's recording section. Play recording and share with multiple participants.

Digital Collaborative Whiteboard

It helps everyone to be collaborative in online meeting. Use pencil tool to write on whiteboard with different colours. It can also draw multiple shapes. Allow students to write and draw on collaborative whiteboard.


Sharing Seamlessly

Select share screen with full desktop and specific application. Allows host to control my computer with single click. Share YouTube or Vimeo Video while live Dowow meeting sessions by adding link of video.

Top Quality Audio

With help of WebRTC, get real-time top-quality audio in live Dowow meetings. Mute/un-mute audio of conference room or enable/disable visuals with just a single click.



You can survey students or clients whenever to expand commitment. Create polls and MCQs during on-going meetings and gather a quick response from attendants. Host can analyse the results instantly.


You can interact with students through public and private chat. Empowers host by debarring the participants from sending private messages during the live conference.  


Live Captioning

You can enter live inscriptions for students or participants. These inscriptions will later show up as captions in accounts.


Breakout Rooms

You can gathering and spot students or members into breakout rooms for give number of minutes for expanded joint effort.


Screen Reader

Participants or Students with visual disabilities can use JAWS screen reader to interact with Dowow meetings.